We Are Your Buffalo SEO Company

You’re still looking for the right company to help you get top ranking in Google or other popular search engines?

Fortunately, you don’t have to look anymore.

We’re a small company that can offer huge results.  Let us be your Buffalo SEO Company.

If you’re new to SEO but think you need it, chances are you’re right.  Building a web site and hoping customers come just doesn’t cut it anymore in today’s competitive online market.  Instead, you need to determine what you’re web site is about and pick keywords to optimize it for.  You may have the best web site in the world, unfortunately it doesn’t matter though if no one is seeing it.

Our Goal: Improve your ROI.  Being frank, the more you make, the more we make.

So what exactly is SEO (search engine optimization)?
Put simply, SEO is the process of making your web site rank for various chosen keywords.  Most online consumers start their purchase with a search, primarily on Google, so naturally you want your web site to show up for relevant terms when the user searches.

For an example, lets say you’re a dentist in Buffalo.  A lot of your potential patients looking for dentistry work will go to Google and type something like: “buffalo dentists” – what follows is a list of sites, specifically of dentists in Buffalo.  The closer your site is to the top or #1 spot, the more leads and customers you’re going to get.

A simplified version of our process:

Identify & understand your market and consumers.  This is important as this understanding is what’s going to enable us to find your most profitable keywords to target.

Once we have target keywords, we need to evaluate your site to make sure it’s optimized correctly for those keywords.  This generally involves some technical changes and content creation, possibly even content re-writing.

SEO Index Audit – most sites are not setup correctly and flood the search engines with bad information, we’re going to remove the bad and let Google only see what we want it to.

Webmaster Tools & Google Analytics Setup – if not already setup, these tools will give us much greater control and visibility into the performance of your web site.

Social Media Setup – today’s SEO world requires social media accounts – these help Google (and users) validate your business and connect with it.

Link Building – We’ll start building authority links to your site to increase it’s authority and value in Google.  This is arguably one of the most important pieces.

Of course there’s more to it, but the reason you’re reading this is so someone else can worry about it.

Interested?  Contact us today for a free consultation.  We’ll make the entire process simple and easy to understand with the ultimate goal being to help you achieve a solid ROI.