Microsite Masters Review

microsite masters homepageI’ve used a lot of rank trackers over the years and never been truly happy with one to the point I wasn’t willing to try others or specifically looking for others.  I say that so you know my experience with rank trackers is real and long.  The one and only tracker I’ve stuck with is Microsite Masters.

I decided it was time to write up a decent review of Microsite Masters for a few reasons, but most notably because they really seem to be upping their game lately and appreciate their customers.  With 2015 came a ton of new features and improvements, in addition to some incredibly promotional pricing (current members only, sorry).

To start,  I want to talk about what I feel are some of the best and most important features of MSM.

1) Ability to take notes that correlate to SERP changes and show on progress graphs.  Seeing as SEO is ever evolving and at a fairly fast pace, it’s important to always be testing so you know what’s working and what isn’t.  Not only does this help you identify what works, it can also help you determine ROI (return on investment).  Microsite Masters lets you associates notes to specific projects/keywords and then plots them on ranking graphics.  This shows you the trend after the note so you can quickly know if it helped or not.  Check out the screen capture below for one of my keywords:

microsite masters ranking note As you can see, there’s a typical line graph by date showing SERP movement, but notice the black triangle at the top.  Those are are my notes – if you hover over them, it gives you a summary.  They are also shown below the graph in detail with SERP change since the time of note to date.   The value of this is incredible, and it’s  a feature that doesn’t exist in other SERP tracker or is very poorly executed.

2) Daily & on demand ranking updates.  It’s hard to believe that I used to settle for weekly updates from Moz long ago.  While this is becoming a more common feature for rank trackers, it’s still an important one to note – MSM has been doing it for a long time and doesn’t charge extra like some do, it’s just standard.  Ranking can change rapidly – if you’re doing SEO everyday, you simply need to know what’s changing everyday.

3) Support for Bing/Yahoo (and of course Google).  For whatever reason it seems like a lot of rank trackers want to charge extra for Bing tracking, or don’t support it at all.  In addition to that, they want you to create separate campaigns for Bing and Google.  No thanks.  Not only is Bing included for no additional cost, it’s tracked as part of a normal campaign alongside Google results.  It just shows as another line on the line chart.

4) Responsive Site Design.  This probably isn’t something you even think about, but if you’re like me and check stats more then you should, it’s a great feature.  I didn’t initially even know Microsite Masters was responsive until I was mobile and wanted to check something, but am glad it is.  Some trackers I’ve tried are basically not functional on mobile/touch devices.

5) Deep URL Tracking.  Again, not something you may be thinking about now, but there very well may come a day.  If you’re wondering what I mean by deep URL tracking – it means being able to track a specific page/URL of a domain, not just the domain.  A good example of this is for parasite campaigns – if you’re trying to rank a eBay page for example, you don’t care if someone else’s page is ranking, you want to know when your URL is ranking.  With how popular parasite SEO is becoming, this is something you’ll probably need sooner or later.

6) Rank Alerts.  This is a new feature I haven’t even used yet, but something I’ve wanted.  That being said I don’t have much to say, but this is definitely not a feature I’ve seen elsewhere.

Notable / More Standard features:

  • Ability to Import/Export keyword lists.
  • Report generation (PDFs) – great if you have clients.
  • API – requires a higher plan, but could be useful I suppose.
  • Help desk / customer service – initially I wasn’t happy with their service, but it appears we just had a email communication problem.  Fortunately, they actually called me to resolve some issues and gave me personal contact information to make sure it doesn’t happen again.  That’s a huge plus considering how faceless most of the companies making rank trackers are.
  • Simple design – sure the design is responsive, but it’s also important to note it’s simple and effective.  This is a plus for me.  It also doesn’t change much, another plus.

I’d say that sums it up well.  I hope you found my review helpful and will consider giving Microsite Masters a try, it’s definitely worth a shot and I personally think you’ll be as happy as I am with it!